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Join Antman’s Army, the private club of Anthony Edwards that takes you from being a social media follower to an active owner. Members receive a season of priceless moments and experiences with Antman and direct access to his membership experience.

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Starter Pass


Access to Antman’s membership rewards and experiences.

Membership rewards include:
Ownership of Antman’s Membership Pass
Digital collectible to celebrate Antman’s 2022 NBA Season
Access to view exclusive members-only Antman content
Access to all virtual and digital events with Antman
Co-Create content, products and experiences with Antman
Complete access to Antman's membership experience on HEIR.APP to build your athlete collection and more

Premier Pass


Direct access to Antman with complete membership rewards and experiences.

Includes all Starter Pass rewards plus:
Chance to meet Anthony Edwards and attend Antman's digital and IRL Membership events and experiences this season
Opportunity to win autographed Antman memorabilia
Access to exclusive HEIR x Antman merch product
Digital collectible to celebrate Antman’s 2022 NBA Season and a chance it will include an authenticated virtual autograph by Antman
*Exclusive of any means of transportation
Early Access Only

Hall of Fame Pass


An unforgettable season of priceless moments and experiences with Antman.

Includes all Premier Pass rewards plus:
Guaranteed admission to meet Anthony Edwards and attend Antman’s Membership Event in Atlanta on 8/18*
Top 10% rare digital collectible that includes an authenticated virtual autograph by Antman to celebrate his 2022 NBA Season
Elevated opportunity to win autographed Antman memorabilia
Chance to attend future Antman Membership events this season*
*Exclusive of any means of transportation

How Early Access Works

Purchase the Early Access to secure your membership before the public launch.
Enter intention of being in Atlanta on 8/18 for the exclusive Antman membership event.
Get notified of confirmation of event attendance.
Get notified of Antman’s launch and receive digital membership NFT.

Exclusive Membership Rewards

Antman Membership Event

Atlanta, Georgia - August 18

"If y'all wanna come to ANT Camp, come on!" - Anthony Edwards

Early access members will have the chance to attend an exclusive membership event in Atlanta on August 18, where they will meet Antman, participate in content creation with the star Minnesota Timberwolves guard and get a behind–the-scenes look at one of his offseason training sessions.

  • Antman Membership Event
    Reward 1
  • Antman Digital Event
    Reward 2
  • Autographed Antman Memorabilia Giveaway
    Reward 3
  • Antman Roadmap + Full List of Utility and Rewards
    Coming Soon

About Anthony Edwards

Anthony ‘Antman' Edwards, is an American professional basketball player that was selected with the #1 overall pick by the Minnesota Timberwolves in the 2020 NBA Draft. As one of the NBA's rising superstars, Antman has already recorded historic performances, highlights and moments on the court. Off the court, Antman is one of the game's most charismatic personalities. The Atlanta native has charmed his way to the hearts of sports fans from his humorous post-game interviews and breakout debut acting performance in the Adam Sandler produced film "Hustle". During his down time, Antman loves spending time with his dog ‘Ant Jr’ which yes, is short for "Anthony Edwards Jr.", named after himself. From Atlanta to the League, Antman has done it his way as he always stays true to his motto "Don't Follow The Wave!"

BornAugust 5, 2001
HometownAtlanta, Georgia
PositionShooting Guard/Small Forward
TeamMinnesota Timberwolves

Membership NFT Owner


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Membership Utility

Membership owners will unlock:

Access to HEIR IRL experiences including Antman’s first HEIR event as a select group of members will have the the opportunity to meet him at his event in Atlanta
Access to HEIR’s digital programming events including engagement moments with Antman
Access to HEIR’s platform that includes exclusive athlete content, rewards and utility
Access to win signed memorabilia, merch and other product giveaways
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Antman Legacy Moments

Watch exclusive members-only videos as Antman reflects on key moments from the season and his personal life

1st person view into Antman's biggest moments
Behind the scenes look at the lifestyle of Antman
Members will co-create the videos by having the ability to co-direct, ask and submit questions to Antman
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Members will have the ability to co-create with Antman as their NFT ownership provides voting power into future utility moments

Co-Create Content: Vote and create the content that members would like to see from Antman!
Co-Create Product: Vote on the creation process of Antman's IRL and digital products as well as product giveaways for members!
Co-Create Experiences: Vote and help create the IRL and digital event experiences with Antman and his members!
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Own and Earn

HEIR transforms Web2 sports fans to Web3 owners

Digital ownership of your membership that unlocks engagement moments with Antman
Memberships can be sold on secondary or rented for earning potentials

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